Planning & Zoning

Zoning and Enforcement Administrator Jerry Gross

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Swimming Pools
Warm weather brings an increase in the number of swimming pools that appear in throughout the township. If you are considering the purchase of or have purchased a pool, building permits are required for installation if the pool is 24 inches in depth or greater. This includes: in-ground, above ground and on-ground pools (including the new inflatable-portable pools), hot tubs and spas.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
Many of us have and enjoy our pets and it is our responsibility to control them and take care of them. Your pet is not your neighbor's responsibility. Kent County Ordinance requires dog owners to keep their pet on their own property unless restrained by a leash or chain and in control of a person able to restrain it.

Filing Complaints
While preparing to file a complaint with my office please consider speaking with the person or persons that have caused your concern. Frequently I have found that the problem has not been discussed with the other party before I am called. It is possible that a situation can be corrected just by talking.

If this does not work, than by all means contact our office to voice your concerns. If you are leaving a voice mail for me, please provide your name, telephone number and the type of complaint. Your name and telephone number are important in case more information is needed.